“delightful desserts”

Why settle for the same old lemon bars or chocolate cake? With Jane’s cookbook, published in September 2017, you can have exceptionally bold, mind-blowing desserts. “Delightful Desserts” shows readers how to create 60 incredibly delicious desserts with unexpected, amped-up flavors - you can learn the secrets to boost the flavors in your baking.

Daring Desserts-099.JPG

lemon butter cake

“This cake is loaded with lemon flavor. It uses lemon oil, zest and lemon juice powder and is then soaked with a lemon juice-butter glaze. It is truly a one-bowl cake where you put all the ingredients in the mixer bowl together and mix. I like to call this an all-day cake because it’s fabulous for breakfast, snack, tea, dessert….”


pumpkin bread with rosemary salt

“October 1st marks the beginning of pumpkin season in our house and the first item that is requested is this moist, easy-to-make loaf. The fragrant rosemary salt accents the fall flavors of pumpkin pie spice and maple syrup.”