A few words about Sweet Jane's...


"We have been lucky enough to taste many of her wonderful pastries and desserts.  We recently had a dinner party, instead of having individual desserts for our guests we decided to have a large center plater of select baked goods from 'Sweet Jane's. It was a huge success, our guests were really amazed by the level of sophistication,  flavors and most importantly love put into each bite.  We all still talk fondly of the night and are constantly asked about the amazing desserts we had.... Thank you Jane!"
Kirsten and Jean-Claude Jones

"Jane has a true love for baking and it shows in everything she makes! Delicious!" 
Susannah Crawford

"Jane's knowledge of baking is surpassed by her love of the craft. The quality of each piece she bakes makes every bite 'the best ever'!" 
Millyann Drake 

"Sweet Jane's baked goodies are nothing short of AMAZING. If I could get away with it, I'd lock myself in a room filled with her magical macarons and out-of-this-world apple turnovers and not come out until they were finished!"
Bryan Yates

"To top off our Christmas dinner my extended family and I enjoyed an AMAZING platter of cookies from Sweet Jane's Bakeshop!  There was an incredible variety - ten kinds of cookies + caramel bars + powdered dough balls.  All fifteen of us enjoyed the array of sweets - finishing off the platter of goodies the next morning during brunch.  No regrets and all smiles.
Alex Breaux


"Sweet Jane's cookies taste amazing. Her macarons are a little slice of heaven. But what I love about her cookies are that they really taste like they were made with love. They taste homemade like something that came out of your mom's or grandmother's kitchen. They taste rich and pure which only comes from the best ingredients.  My husband is picky when it comes to cookies and he can't stop eating Sweet Jane's cookies. A+ cookies."
Christina Mullin

"I have been ordering Jane's cupcakes, cookies and pies for years. At parties they are always a hit. People, including myself, love that the cupcakes are moist and the frosting isn't too sweet so that you can eat more then one cupcake!"
Kristin Levy

"Jane's baked goods are divine. She has the most decadent touch to all her baked goods. They are just the right amount of deliciousness, undoubtedly measured to perfection and most certainly made with love and kindness."
Ava Herrera

"Sweet Jane’s Bakeshop provided cookies and peanut brittle for a festive Christmas Eve dinner with a large group.  The variety of fantastic holiday cookies included shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate, biscotti that was tasty and had the perfect degree of "snap", (not the tooth breaking type), divine chocolate with chocolate chips, molasses cookies and of course her rainbow of beautiful macaroons!  Her confections added the perfect variety of tasty elegance that made our occasion a real celebration without the sugar shock.

"Sweet Jane’s provides the perfect indulgence by using the highest quality of the freshest ingredients.  I have had the opportunity to sample  muffins, cakes and cupcakes that all have a great “crumb” and balance of flavor.  They are a feast for the eyes yet seem  wholesome and not too sweet. That is a GOOD thing too, as my guests and I always want MORE!" 
Nancy Breaux

"Jane’s cooking fuses art and science to create food that is exquisite and complex, yet delightfully simple.  I've found that the only regrettable dessert is one that does not come from Jane’s kitchen." Taylor Rivera